"I'm so glad you invented these nursing bracelets. I'm nursing my second kid and wonderfully did have success (due to your product)! While pregnant with my first child I kept thinking about how much I'd love to have something like this - thank you for doing it! I'm telling everyone I know and getting one of these for every new (and returning) breast feeding mom."

"I received my breastfeeding bracelet as a gift when I had my third child and I am thrilled! It has been an answer to my sanity! It's a no-hassle way to keep track of feeding. I love the color (mine's blue) & it's very soft against my skin. Definitely the best invention ever made! My only question is why wasn't it invented SOONER!?"

Denise, Arizona

"I love this product! I use it all the time. I've even use it to count how many glasses of water I've drank! I love how discreet they are when I wear it. It doesn't scream, 'I'm a nursing mom!'. How smart!"
Hailey, Nevada

"I am a mother of a 13 month old Gavin, still breastfeeds for now, and how I would've loved this product a year ago! I did ok with a hair tie around my wrist but what a great idea the Milk Band is!! My sister-in-law is 3 months pregnant and I will certainly be placing an order for her as a gift. She is determined to nurse her baby as she was witness to the great experience I had. Way to go Jenny!! I wish you much success with this endeavor. God bless you and your family!!"

Heather F., Alabama

"My son was only 3 days old and I was already having difficulty remembering which side I last fed from. My friend brought over one of your breast feeding bracelets and I haven't had any troubles since! It's a life saver!"

Katie, California

"My wife and I are expecting our first child in June. We had to undergo IVF treatments, which require numerous intramuscular injections, usually in the tush. We always forgot which cheek to do each evening! We didn't have a Milk Band, but I imagine that would have helped! Great product!"

Dear Milk Bands,
I just wanted to say thanks! I found your product by accident on the Internet, one month after my twins (Amelia and Heath) were born. I was tired of using the safety pin method to remember which twin would go on which side next and trying to remember who the safety pin represented! I promptly ordered a pink band and a blue band and I've never looked back! They easily helped me keep track of which twin would nurse on my left or right breast next and the last time they ate. No more guesswork. Thanks so much for making the last six months easier on me. I never knew that something so little could make such a big difference in my breastfeeding experience. I've already purchased one of your breast feeding bracelets for a cousin who is due any day now and I plan to recommend your product to every nursing mother I know! I'm getting ready to wean these little guys and I know I'll miss wearing them, but I'll keep them just in case I ever need them again!

Heather, Georgia
"I am just extremely satisfied with the nursing bracelet.. Before having it, I suffered from lopsidedness and I never could track my baby's feedings. After using it, nursing my baby has became more pleasant than ever. Best Regards"
Gabriela, Florida

"I bought a Milk Band from a local lactation consultant when my daughter was 8 days old because, due to my profound sleep exhaustion, I just couldn't remember what side I last nursed on. The first time using it, I knew it was going to be a life saver. It has been! My daughter is now a little over 3 months old and I haven't taken it off yet and I don't have any plans to do so any time soon. I will forever recommend your breastfeeding bracelet to my pregnant friends as I love it and can't imagine going even one day without it!"

Amanda, Ohio

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